Haiti, Israel Survey, and Update from Meretz Israel

  • Meretz UK has added some donation links for donations to Haiti to our website. We will leave them there for a month or so.   If you haven't donated yet, we urge to participate in this global appeal for showing humanity by giving whatever small funds you have available. 
  • Do think of booking a ticket for our 24th of January refugee day.  Spaces are limited, so to avoid disappointment use the pay pal booking facility on the link above.
  • Complete the Israel Survey (at bottom of this posting)

From our sister organisation in Israel (translated from Hebrew):
Responding to the Turkish Diplomatic crisis (see here) Meretz Israel MK (Member of Parliament (Knesset)) Oron slams Lieberman's (and Deputy D. Ayalon) conduct as 'intimidating' and 'signalling no alternative,' but their  own exit from the government' and that "(this) thuggish behavior leads one to believe that anything less than their dismissal from office won't stop the harm they are causing Israel and its image worldwide (see also here)." Meretz MK Ilan Gilon suggested the Knesset relegate Lieberman to Foreign Minister for Eastern Europe 'leaving (general) foreign affairs to a diplomat'.

Gilon also continues touring Tel Aviv with “Access Israel, ” part of an initiative to ensure public businesses provide accessibility for people with disabilities.

Meretz Israel Chairman H.Oron urged the Knesset this week to ignore Likud's MK Danny Danon's request that the Israeli Arab MK Mahmoud Berekah,  be excluded from the Knesset delegation for Auschwitz. He added “Its a shame that even the memory of the Holocaust is distorted by unnecessary and unpleasant confrontations.”

If you have time please fill out the MORI / Jewish Policy Institute Israel Survey commissioned by the Pears Foundation )

To start the survey click here.or via the website www.ipsos-mori.com/israelsurvey . Please forward to others. It is important that all voices are being heard, including that of the Jewish Left in the UK. For questions email israelsurvey@ipsos-mori.com

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