A day of our sister organisation - Meretz Israel

Many in the UK always ask us, what does Meretz in Israel do, they are a party of bygone ages. Here is a sample of just one day of Meretz Israel, written by one of our volunteers:

 Route 443 - “In any other language including Hebrew, its called Apartheid.
 6.1.10 Meretz Chairman Chaim Oron, today led the debate in the Knesset for opening Route 443 to Palestinians. Eilan Gilon to Bibi and Abu Mazen: “Return to the negotiating table!”

6.1.10 In todays general assembly address, MK Eilan Gilon urged the Knesset to renew negotiations with the Palestinians. by acknowledging the American plan for a final status agreement. Debate for health funds to provide hospital nursing is adjourned.

6.1.10 The assembly today voted against a motion presented by Chairman of the Public Healthcare lobby, Haim Oron, for the national healthcare to cover nursing costs. The bill made no demands on the budget, as funds would be funnelled through a 0.3% health tax increase on elites. Meretz Chairman, Chaim Oron, responds to Rabbi Haim Drukerman's instructions for Hesder Yeshiva soldiers to refuse settlement evacuation orders

6.1.10 Oron claimed that an intent to thwart future evacuation of settlements is not the domain of marginal elements among hasder yeshivas . “The government must appreciate the gravity of Drukerman's actions and their implications for peace.” Meretz Leader Haim Oron proposes amendment to severence pay law

6.1.10 Chaim Oron, Meretz Chairman and member of the Finance Committee claims the current law waives the right of compensation for voluntary resignation. The amendment seeks to expand eligibility those working for a three year period, even if they resigned on their own initiative.

Route 443 is the main highway connecting the West Bank and Modi'in with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The closure of the road was motioned in 2000, followed by the erection of anti-sniper barricades on parts of hte highway adjacent to Palestinian populated areas
The Hasder Yeshiva Program combines Torah study with army service