Message to all Meretz UK Members - Meretz membership change from 1st January 2010

Dear Supporters and friends of Meretz UK,
please note that from the 1st of January 2010 all memberships will have to have transferred into the new paid for model. Meretz UK membership is hence constituted through affiliation and the payment of the small subscribers fee of £20 or £10. The fees have been kept deliberately small and on concessions rate represent less than £1 a month. Meretz UK is being restructured at the moment and there are many changes imminent. Members of the executive committee, and the new directorate let by Daniel Zylbersztajn, are working hard on increasing our voice within the UK.  Already many know of our new internet based facilities from twitter to facebook and this website.  More is to follow and we have a refugess conference forthcoming (24th Jan) and other events as well as an expansion to places outside of London, and easy involvement of members from outside London.  Also in the planning are Arabic classes alongside our traditional Hebrew programme.

Whilst the elections in Israel were not fantastic for Meretz Israel, or any other left wing party, especially the arrival of Nitzan Horowitz has rejuvenated efforts there and his fresh and alert sense of campaigning has also found echoes here in the UK.

Please select the membership appropriate for yourself, (full or affiliated), normal, concessions or supporter and complete your membership subscription on this website. If you can offer more than that, for example a few hours of your time each week, we would love to hear from you. We have many suggestions for people to help us and they range from environmental affairs to LGBT, Anti Racism, and Peace Affairs. and more. Just contact daniel.z@meretz.org.uk or info@meretz.org.uk to discuss this.

Thank you

Meretz UK