Letters from Palestine - an unmissable film!

Meretz UK and Spiro Ark are proud to present the fascinating documentary film Letters from Palestine, by Ludovica Fales, who will answer questions after the screening.

  • Wednesday 10 April at 8 pm
  • Hashomer House, 37a Broadhurst Gardens NW6 3QT
  • Admission: £10 with refreshments served afterwards


"We all belong to a past - a past that can bury us unless we excavate it. A journey into the unresolved questions of the Middle Eastern conflict and into the death of a man in the 1920s who believed in the dream of a land shared by Arabs, Jews and Christians.

Imagine discovering an unsolved family mystery in your great-grandfather's letters - a mystery nobody in your family wants to talk about. My great-grandfather, Angelo Levi Bianchini, set out for Palestine on a diplomatic mission in the 1920s and never came back.

After spending a few months in Palestine, he had become a vocal advocate for Jewish-Arab coexistence but his views were often unpopular. To his ninety year old daughter Angela, my grandmother, the mystery of his death remains an open wound."
- Ludovica Fales

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