Terrorist leadership speaking from behind bars

Firsthand interviews from the hidden world of security prisoners in Israel

         Sunday 28th October 8:00pm
Meretz UK is pleased to host Sagit Yehoshua, applied criminologist, specializing in the psychology of terrorism. This unusual talk, followed by Q&A, traces her encounters with convicted leaders of terrorist groups in prison and throws light on their life under incarceration. Sagit also queries whether prison becomes a hub for radicalisation or an incubator of future diplomats…
Door: £5.50, concessions £4.50, members £2
Ktziot Prison, Israel (Wiki)
Light refreshments
Venue: Hashomer House, 37a Broadhurst Gardens, NW6 3QT

 More information about Sagit Yehoshua
and a link to Israeli Times article:
Terrorist leaders can change — if we let them
       Sagit is an applied criminologist, specialising in the psychology and profiling of terrorism. She is currently completing her PhD thesis titled ‘The social-psychology profile of terrorist leaders in Israeli prisons’ at King’s College, London University. Her work involves years of studying and teaching the mind-set and conduct of individuals and groups involved in terrorism and political violence.