Next meeting - Corruption Revealed

Sunday 12 December

Corruption Revealed

Guest speaker Nick Kochan
At Hashomer House

Starting at 8 pm
Normal contributions for entrance

Financial corruption is one of the major scourges of our time. Here celebrated author Nick Kochan draws on themes raised in the book Corruption (Palgrave Macmillan) which he recently published with co-author Robin Goodyear.

In his talk Nick will show what dangers corruption represents, both in Britain and worldwide - and how managers, lawmakers and ordinary members of the public can combat it... He will illustrate his talk with cases of bribery and other forms of financial misdoing. And he will show how the UK's Bribery Act (2010) provides some tools that are needed if we are to defeat an all-too-pervasive culture of corruption.

For some 25 years Nick Kochan has provided an independent viewpoint on the global growth in organized crime. His recent book, The Washing Machine was, like Corruption, based on exhaustive interviews with people at the highest levels of government, law enforcement, the judiciary and the financial sector, provided an overview of money laundering in a global context. The London-based Kochan has lectured on corruption to the Oxford University Department of Criminology as well as to UK government agencies. His previous books include The Guinness Affair (1987), The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (1991), and biographies of Gordon Brown and Anne Widdecombe. Amongst the publications for which Kochan has written are the Financial Times, the Observer, the Daily Telegraph and Euromoney magazine. Educated at the University of Cambridge, Kochan often appears as a commentator on BBC television, radio and other media.