'Don't boycott democracy'

The Knesset's recent anti-boycott law marks a new and alarming stage in the erosion of civil liberties in Israel. Meretz UK commends a powerful statement for democracy and against the act, which sadly is now in force. The message comes from the New Israel Fund, under whose aegis some of the finest NGOs in Israel help all sectors of society, young and old, male and female, Jewish and Palestinian, religious and secular.

We now learn that rightist MK Aryeh Eldad has used the freshly minted law to bring criminal charges against Meretz Secretary General (and a good friend to Meretz UK) Dror Morag. Eldad's move was prompted by a campaign that Meretz MK Zahava Gal-On launched to label products made in the West Bank. Meretz Israel may now enjoy the dubious honour of being the first entity prosecuted according to this imbecilic statute! Sheko'ah to our friends in Israel and let's hope Mr Eldad has cause to eat his words - along with whatever produce he may care to consume... or boycott.