Carmel fire שרפה בכרמל

Meretz UK regrets the Carmel fire awful tragedy and the very sad loss of life and the immense damage of nature and nature life caused by the fire, as well the destruction of property. The chaverim of Meretz UK are all devastated by this unprecedented disaster.

Yehuda Erdman- Chair
and Meretz UK mazkirut members
We are encouraging any donation to any of the restoring work whether if it is for the nature or property
To donate to Carmel Fire - Israel Emergency Fund
click here : http://www.arza.org/news/israel/fund/
To donate to:
Yemin Orde Aliyah village, please click here

www.justgiving.com/Youth-Aliyah-Yemin-Orde or call 0208 371 1580, or simply go to our websitewww.youthaliyah.org.uk

אנו מבקשים להביע את צערנו העמוק על אסון השרפה שהתחולל בכרמל וסביבתו בימי חנוכה אלו
חיי האדם היקרים, הנזק הרב לרכוש, לחורש והחיים בו

חברי מרץ בריטניה המומים וכואבים עקב טרגדיה עמוקה זו

את הנעשה אין להשיב
איש איש ביקורו ישתול עץ בכרמל הפגוע
וכאירגון נמצא את דרכנו לתרום בשעה זו למאמצי השיקום

לבשורות טובות

יהודה ארדמן יושב ראש מרץ בריטניה וחברי המזכירות

This coming Sunday 5th Dec 19:30, Hashomer House

Everyone Shines

A Heart warming Chanukah Party
We are delighted to guest:
Dr Naftali (Tali) FRSA lecturer in Jewish Spirituality at UCL, and Director of the Chabad Research Unit.
will share with us more of the shining secrets of this light festival.
Candle lighting, sing songs
Light Chanukah refreshment

Please bring your own Menorah and Friends

Recommended donation: £5, members:£4, con': £3.50

Our first speaker of the season is John Strawsonwho we are delighted to host on

Sunday 28th November, 19:30

At Hashomer House 37a Broadhurst Gardens NW6 3BN

Recommended donation:£5, Members £4, concessions £3.50

Light Refreshments

(The following event will be our heart warming chanukah Party

for details please scroll down some more...)

John will speak about his latest book:

Partitioning Palestine – Legal Fundamentalism in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

John Strawson is Reader in Law at the University of East London. He is the editor of Law After Ground Zero (2002).

In his highly original contribution to the Israel-Palestine problematic, John Strawson focuses on the three key legal texts of 1922, 1947 and 1993-99. He writes in the spirit of Edward Said, who emphasized the power of discursive images in texts. According to Strawson's critique, the international law of these texts has been turned into a magical substance to ensure that good triumphs over evil, as if in the world of Harry Potter. Strawson therefore wishes to break the spell of the past, in which each party has constantly refreshed its confidence in the legal justice of its case. He intends to irritate many Palestinians and Israelis, and their supporters. This fascinating and erudite analysis will without doubt succeed.

(Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck, University of London)

For more information about John Strawson or about the book you are welcome to click on the link below: