The charities we introduced to you:

Charities of our choice at the conference we held on Sunday 24th Jan 10.  Below are the links for further details and information.  All are in need of extra funding!  A full reflective report of the meeting on Sunday will be released later.

Israeli Children, is fighting against the government decision to deport children of migrant workers that were born and raised in Israel.

Save Behnam  is a single-handed grassroot campaign for an Iranian Refugee and Asylum Seeker.

African Refugee Development Centre (ARDC), Tel Aviv. ARDC was one of the first and is today one of the leading organisations to reach out to non-Jewish African refugees in Israel.

Asylum Aid UK. London: Asylum Aid is a leading national charity working to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the United Kingdom from persecution and human rights abuses abroad. They provide legal aid, and act as a lobby and support group

SOS Children Villages, the world's largest orphan and abandoned children's charity.  Child sponsors and donors worldwide provide a new family and home for more than 78,000 children in 500 unique Children's Villages in 124 countries, including on both sides of the divide in the Middle East, that is in Israel, as well as in the West Bank and Gaza, one of the few international organisations for whom the child only matters.

David Project (Boston).  A United States based educational trust and lobby group that serves to promote "strong voices for Israel," that also campaigned for the story of Arabic speaking Jewish Refugees to be publicised.  They and Isra TV are producers and promoters of the documentary "The Forgotten Refugees.

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