Meretz UK Statement on Zippi Livni MK arrest warrant

  • Meretz UK issued a statement earlier this year stating that Israel (and the Gaza Authorities) would be wise to implement the Goldstone Report or carry out a fully independent investigation. 
  • Meretz UK believes that the warrant against Tsipi Livni, Kadima Party Member of Knesset (MK) is not constructive. It will only serve to confirm a skewed and claustrophobic world view held by the Right in Israel. The legal procedures of the arrest warrant are questionable – and being used not because they have any likelihood of a prosecution but in order to brand Israeli politicians beyond all others as “war criminals” in the public perception. Israel's spoke persons are correct in pointing out that there are many - possibly more suitable - candidates for such actions from around the world. 
  • We note that Tsipi Livni, whilst not being a member of Meretz, has made many statements opposed to Israel's Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies on settlements and stated that she was committed to a two-state solution, unlike Netanyahu. 
  • However Meretz UK objects to Tsipi Livni's description of the IDF actions in Gaza in 2009 "as ethical, or something to be proud of." Our sister movement in Israel (Meretz Israel) has called for an end of the assault only a few days after it started. We believe that the continued actions in January 2009 were an obstacle to peace, notwithstanding that we were likewise opposed to the rocket attacks from Gaza. 
  • We align ourselves with those Israelis and Palestinians who believed that militant actions and use of weapons and explosives would not be the method to bring about peace. Rather we underline that the method is engagement, reconciliation and open discourse. Just as many civilian Palestinians are not Hamas supporters or supporters of militant groups, a point that needs to be made, many Israelis and Jewish people are not supporters of the the right wing direction Israel has taken in the last few years. Meretz UK is one such group.
Post ed. Latest:  Zahava Galon, former serving Meretz MK at the time of the  Gaza military action, said on Livni today (reported in New Scotsman)
"The arrest warrant should be a red light for decision-makers. Before they embark on military adventures, they should know what the consequences may be at the international level and that they may pay themselves"

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