Wanted Teacher of Palestinian Arabic

Meretz UK is looking for a language teacher of conversational Palestinian Arabic in London from January 2010. Anyone interested please contact the office before the end of September 2009 with your session rate for groups. We are introducing Arabic to our education programme because:

1.) Arabic is an official language of the State of Israel alongside Hebrew.
2.) Most in the Left in Israel have now basic or elaborate Arabic skills and many schools offer Arabic alongside English as the main foreign languages now taught in Israel.
3.) Knowledge of Arabic is a key to communication for peace and we believe just as essential as Hebrew for anyone frequenting Israel.
4.) Arabic was and still is a language of Jewish life.

If you wish to declare an interest in learning Arabic with others in a positive and peaceful (!) atmosphere do contact us. There will be a fee for this, but the opportunity to do something so positive is second to none, plus we emphasise ability to speak in every day use in Israel / Palestine as a primary aim, rather than classical Arabic knowledge.