The Ball is in Netanyahu's hands -

A Statement from Meretz Israel - Haim Oron. M.K.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his second tenure as a prime minister enjoys perfect political conditions that allow a political breakthrough. It is an opportunity to reduce the wasted years of the past: The leader of the Palestinian Authority has been opposed to the method of an armed struggle for more than a generation , the terrorism of the past has stopped. Netanyahu enjoys political stability and manoeuvrability. Moreover, in Washington sits a young president, a "responsible adult," for once. Obama with assertiveness and vigour appears to want to move on the political process speedily.

The ball is therefore in Netanyahu’s hands, especially because there is a demographic issue here, there is the danger to the Jewish State's continued existence as a democratic state, which is in reality almost a state of apartheid. There is also the Jihad culture on the other side and a general increase of extremism on both.

A turn in how we understand the conflict is essential and a different way of governance by the Israeli government and its leader. Survival is not a purpose and is not a goal...

Netanyahu, Go in peace.

Freely (!) translated by Meretz UK.  The original can be read in Hebrew
here http://www.myparty.org.il/aspx/article.aspx?id=473

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