Meretz UK in Solidarity with Tel Aviv LGBT community

Meretz UK expresses solidarity with the LGBT community in Israel and deeply regrets the fact that it has come under violent attack in Tel Aviv, one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world. The murder of two young hopeful individuals and the injury to others by this blind act of cold blooded killing is received by us with great shock. Meretz UK alongside the world-wide Meretz movement has a proven and long record in championing the rights of the LGBT community. In fact currently Meretz's Nitzan Horowitz is the only open gay member in Israeli parliament. Meretz UK invites any UK based Jewish LGBT members to join us in our new efforts to rebuild a Jewish left with the power to affect real change in Israel and in the UK. In the words of Nitzan Horowitz: "
We demand that the [Israeli] government put an end to this hate campaign and that the [Israeli] Education Ministry institute proper information and education at schools in order to prevent the recurrence of such shameful events"

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